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Need a Friend?

Most people hope that they will NEVER have to go through the process of getting  a loved one out of JAIL and because of this, most people do not understand the bail bond process. While looking for an immediate solution, consider bail bonds.

Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds provides fast, reliable and confidential Bail Bonding services for persons in most areas of the United States. Our agents are professionals who understand the tremendous stress you are facing when trying to arrange bail bond for a friend or loved one that is in jail in Tarrant county.

After arranging bail, Ronnie D. Long promises to pay the Sheriff the amount previously set up by the court. Then you pay Mr. Long a percentage of the bail bond amount and he assumes all responsibilities of paperwork, liability, bond forfeiture and rearrest.

Ronnie D. Long Agent

We are Members of the following organizations:

Professional Bail Agents of the USA

Professional Bail Agents of Texas

Professional Bondsmen of Fort Worth since 1977

Tarrant County License #5

Services Offered:man in jail

• Quick Jail release including explanation of the entire process and the steps involved

• All warrant lifted

• All tickets Bonded

• Client bond information is free

• We service ALL Tarrant county jails and also jails in surrounding counties with the ability to post bonds anywhere in the USA

Types of Bonds

City, County, State, Federal bonds, Non Arrest, Traffic, J. P. and Out of County Bonds


Ronnie Staff1

Ronnie’s Bilingual Group 

Payment Method


 Cash, Checks, Money orders and Traveler’s checks.



OPEN 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Prompt, Courteous Service

Client Bond Information Always FREE!


Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds

6004 Airport Frwy.

Fort Worth, TX, 76117

We are conveniently located on Airport Freeway, Carson St. exit with free parking!



Metro: 817-498-2000 

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If you need help because a member of your family is in JAIL,

Don’t Hesitate to CALL US!

We are ready to help you with Bail Bonds & Jail Release! 


With Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds,

WE WON’T GIVE UP until we see you or your loved one is OUT OF JAIL!

Remember: you have found a friend!


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